Hanson Enterprises

Hanson Enterprises

Hanson runs his own company that he started in 1994. He consults with corporations and individuals on sports marketing and broadcast issues. Additionally, he acts as representative agent for sports broadcasters Mike Hogewood (ACC), Steve Martin (NBA), Dave Neal (SEC), Ben Wright (Golf), and Bob Neal (Comcast Sports). He makes numerous broadcast appearances as well as giving speeches/lectures. The goal is to keep a small, yet active, list of clients who complement Hanson's current radio work.

Hanson on The Big Show

John Boy & Billy, The Big Show

Research Prep

Gathering and disseminating current event news, sports and pop culture issues. Mostly, he preps John-Boy for these segments while assisting in the interview process.

Weekly Features/Games

The intense rivalry between Hanson and John-Boy on the daily Wordy-Word contest has become legendary. John Boy's cool and arrogant game attitudes more than offset Hanson's competitive, explosive participation. This feature generates daily conflict and lots of laughs.

Hero-Zero is a weekly feature where current news items are covered with the story's characters being designated as heroes or zeroes. Many of the stories are generated by listeners who submit them for air.

The weekly Sports Briefs covers the non "X and O" aspect of the games. The feature contains the personality and business aspects of sports.

Social/Political Banter

The Big Show has long been based on its southern conservative roots, which are on display daily with a continuous storyline for the program's support for military and first-responder heroes. Hanson shares that devotion to the troops and responders, as evidenced by his spearheading of a project where a Marine veteran was surprised on air with a new home for the wounded soldier and his family.  However, Hanson's midwestern upbringing in East St. Louis, Illinois often puts him at odds with his castmates and many listeners on some social and political issues. These conflicts are kept to a minimum on the program, always with a sense of humor intended.